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AcuPro - Acupressure Equipment

AcuPro - Acupressure Equipment

You are made 2B active - Create an active life!

Size: 183cm x 66cm x 2.5cm

New Design with Hanger Eyelets & Finished Edges

The Acumat® is an ergonomic acupressure mat that massages your entire body during work, rest or play.              
It can be used during yoga, pilates, fitness training, rehabilitation or relaxation. Enjoy the benefit of trigger point therapy & acupressure, or turn the Acumat® contours downward for low-impact comfort.

Designed to stimulate proprioception and tactile sensory mechanisms, improve circulation & muscle tone, helping you enjoy an active life. It is ideal for rehabilitation and relieving foot, ankle and toe pain.

Improve recovery from exercise and reduce muscular aches and pain with AcuPro® equipment.

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