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Sports Taping Basics - DVD

Sports Taping Basics - DVD

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AUD $54.00 (ex. GST)


Recommended for All Sports Therapists

Universal playback - Can be played in all regions of the world

This is a taping workshop in itself and a perfect complement to the popular text Athletic Taping and Bracing Book (2nd Ed).

The DVD provides a simple, straightforward tutorial on using tape to help prevent injuries and to rehabilitate injured athletes.

Taping expert David Perrin, PhD, ATC, first demonstrates 22 specific procedures (14 recommended taping procedures for common injuries to the lower body, including the ankle, foot, leg, knee, hip, and thigh, and 8 upper-body procedures for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, and finger) by showing the entire, uninterrupted process of taping the body part. The taping procedure is then shown again to highlight the key steps of the procedure, and includes close-ups and correct positioning of the athletic trainer and athlete, making the demonstrations easy for the viewer to follow. Perrin also demonstrates how to properly cut, tear, and remove tape. You can select the specific taping procedure you want to review from the DVD menu, making it fast and simple to find the procedure needed.

Dr. Perrin also gives advice on the use of appropriate taping equipment for specific injuries, including when to use elastic or inelastic tape, adhesive spray, moleskin, anchor strips, friction pads, and underwrap. He also discusses alternative taping techniques to use for different injuries for example, how to tape an ankle sprain with an inversion versus an eversion so the correct procedure can be applied.

All procedures in the DVD reflect changes in the US National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Education Council's Competencies in Athletic Training"" and the fourth edition of the NATA Board of Certification's ""Role Delineation Study""

With its concise descriptions and detailed demonstrations, Sport Taping Basics DVD is a spectacular learning tool for any athletic trainer or sport physical therapist. By practicing these procedures, professionals and students will develop and refine effective taping techniques that will help protect athletes and clients and accelerate the rehabilitation process.

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